Category: Libraries

Wrappers for other machine learning or data processing libraries.

ND4J Back End
This extension provides various computational back ends, that can be used for numerical calculations. It includes settings for out-of-JVM memory usage, and provides simple tensor handling capabilities as currently needed by the Deep Learning and Image handling Extentions.

Octave Extension
The extension allows analysts to use the Octave language (similar to MATLAB) to build new operators in RapidMiner processes.

This extension is the BETA release of Optimization Operators developed by Aptus Data Labs, India.

R Extension
Note: This extension is no longer supported as of RapidMiner Studio 6.4! Please use the 'R Scripting' extension instead. Arbitrary R models and scripts can now be directly integrated into the RapidMiner analysis processes. The new R perspective offers the known R console together with the great plotting facilities of R.

Weka Extension
All modeling methods and attribute evaluation methods from the Weka machine learning library are available within RapidMiner. After installing this extension you will get access to about 100 additional modelling schemes including additional decision trees, rule learners and regression estimators.