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The Generative Models extension (aka Generative AI) offers access to large language models (LLM) from Huggingface and OpenAI as well as finetuning of those models. It also offers embedding operators and vector stores and therefore support Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG).

Important! This extension requires a specific installation and has some dependencies. Please refer to the documentation to learn how to install and use this extension:

The Generative Models (aka Generative AI) extension offers the following features around large language models (LLM):

  • New use cases / task types beyond traditional ML (classification, regression…)
  • Access to all Large Language Models among the 750,000+ models on Huggingface
  • Access to public models such as ChatGPT
  • Great for data enrichment, e.g., “Here is a list of countries, what are the population and GDP?”
  • Finetuning is super simple, including finetuning of the 175 billion parameter models from OpenAI
  • Finetuning of local models to secure privacy or IP
  • Generative AI as part of analytics workflows for better deployments and orchestration
  • Innovative prompting language for dynamic data injection into prompt templates
  • Embeddings of texts for storing documents or data in vector stores
  • Support for vector stores (Qdrant, Milvus)
  • Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG)
  • And more...

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