Recommender ExtensionRecommender Extension

This extension adds two new set of operators to RapidMiner which can be used for item recommendation and rating prediction.

Recommender system extension contains operators that are suited for typical recommendation tasks:  filtering information for the particular user via :

    - Predicting most-probable ratings for the items of some DMR (rating predictions  task)
    - Ranking non-seen items by the user according to estimated (Top-N Items task)

Besides providing operators that return predictions based on user-item preference data, extension includes specific operators enabling model application and evaluation, and is accompanied with utility tools like dataset meta-data extraction operator  and workflows enabling large scale experiments for optimizing performance trade-off for specific problems.

Product Details

Version 5.1.2
File size 335 kB
Downloads 95332 (141 Today)95332 downloads
Vendor Institut Rudjer Boskovic
Category Operators
Released 5/2/16
Last Update 5/2/16 9:08 PM
License AGPL
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