This extension adds operators to use MLFlow for experiment tracking and model registration to the platfrom.
Broadly speaking the extension covers two use cases:

Track your experiments.
While building models you try a lot of combinations of models and preprocessing. Often you want to track them to see whats good. The extension provides operators to use a MLFlow server to do this. Namely:
- Create Experiment
- Create Run
- Delete Experiment
- Delete Run
- Get Runs
- Get Run
- Get Experiment
- Log Run
The central operator is Log Run.

Track your deployments.
The second use case is to maintain deployed models. MLFlow offers a Model Registry. This extension allows you to use models from a worklflow within the model registry.
The operators are:
- Create Model
- Create Model Version
- Retrieve Model
- Transition State
- Get Model Information

For questions please consult or our professional support.


--- Version 1.0.5 ---

  •  Minor fix which fixes a bug that performances not coming from a validation operator are not loggable.

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