Intelligent Discovery AssistantIntelligent Discovery Assistant

The Intelligent Discovery Assistant fully automatically creates data mining processes based on the specification of input data and a goal.

The Intelligent Discovery Assistant (IDA) is a great help when creating data mining processes. Based on the specification of input data and a modelling task, it automatically creates processes tailored specifically to this data. Based on the analysis of hundreds of processes (meta mining), it selects operators that are specifically well-suited for the problem and data set at hand. E.g., it chooses operators that have achieved good accuracy on similar data sets in the past. Furthermore, it takes care of preprocessing which may be necessary for applying certain algorithms. E.g., it will perform and appropriate normalization, discretization, or missing value replacement when required by the learning algorithm. Here, too, appropriate preprocessing operators are selected based their projected impact on the overall  performance of the process.

Product Details

Version 5.1.0
File size 4.7 MB
Downloads 15438 (0 Today)15438 downloads
Vendor RapidMiner Labs
Category User Interface
Released 1/9/12
Last Update 1/9/12 12:36 PM
License AGPL
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I tried to install IDA 5.1.0 in Rapiddiner 5.3 but it didn't work. I think that similar problem is posted by ckolar, 2/6/13 2:16 AM. What should I do to install IDA?

Georgi Parlichev, 2/28/15 11:55 AM

I am one of the IDA developers, you can find me at

jukietz, 4/18/13 12:51 PM

Version 5.1 dies under RM 5.3 under windows XP. I had to do the binary installation of XSB not from the package as detailed in the FLORA site bug discussion. Anyone know the direct developer's address?

ckolar, 2/6/13 2:16 AM

Thanks, It should work again! We redirected the new public portal to the old one on now at

jukietz, 4/12/12 9:49 AM

The extension does not work, because it cannot install the additional files from Seems that all files from are not available anymore. :( Could please update the extension. Thanks.

nodot, 3/30/12 2:50 PM

Workaround: make a user ida and use it with this login.

jukietz, 3/29/12 11:44 AM

Workaround: make a user ida and use it with this login.

jukietz, 3/29/12 11:29 AM

It should work if you have chosen a windows user name like "juk", it does NOT work if you have chosen "Jörg-Uwe Kietz" as user name.

jukietz, 3/29/12 11:28 AM

does this mean that the IDA does not work on Windows 7 and there's no workaround? thanks.

lpf1836, 3/25/12 2:57 PM

We noted that Windows 7 may create home-directories not DOS conform (up to 8 letters/numbers). Unfortunately it looks like XSB-Prolog uses an old system call that cannot handle such directories and the IDA does not work for such users on Windows 7.

jukietz, 2/17/12 3:36 PM
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