Prescriptive AnalyticsPrescriptive Analytics

This extension offers an operator to do prescriptive optimization. This means you vary the values of an example to optimize a custom fitness function which may derive from a model. Currently supported optimizers: - Grid - Evolutionary - BYOBA <br/> Note: This is a BETA version!

Version 0.16


- Added proper error messages if the start value is out of bounds

- The error messages of the inner processes are now properly shown in the GUI.


Version 0.1.5


- Added an option to add get candidate results. I.e. more than just the best solution

- Evolutionary is now correctly using custom random seeds - Added Powell as an unbounded optimization method

- A lot of code improvement for optimizer creation and parameter handling


Version 0.1.4


- Added "random", "input example" and "reference example" as a starting point options.

- Removed the start setting in SimpleBounds. Please provide start values via input/reference exa. E.g. via Set Data.

- Added a few better error messages for missing references, missing bounds etc


Version 0.1.3


- Added a number of interpolation point default boolean for BYOBA

- Added CMA-ES as a optimization method

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