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Integrate MeaningCloud's text analytics into your workflow. Several APIs with classic Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks are included: Topics Extraction, Lemmatization, Classification, Deep Categorization and Sentiment Analysis. We offer 10 languages: full coverage for English, Spanish, French, Italian & Portuguese and partial coverage for Nordic languages, Arabic, Chinese and Russian. Use our customization tools to create custom resources and maximize the accuracy in your text analysis.

Customizable Text Analytics by MeaningCloud

Integrate the most advanced and customizable text mining into your analysis processes in RapidMiner.

There is often a wealth of valuable information hidden within unstructured text, so it is hard to process it automatically. MeaningCloud's extension for RapidMiner enables you to give it structure, extract its meaning, and combine it with other data sources in your favorite analytics platform.

MeaningCloud is a cloud-based semantic analysis engine provided through a set of RESTful APIs and constitutes the easiest,most powerful, and most affordable way to extract meaning from all types of unstructured content, from conversations on social media to documents.

Text analytics that can be fully customized to your application domain

MeaningCloud's extension for RapidMiner features new operators with advanced text analytics functions:

  • Topics Extraction: extracts names of people, organizations, brands or places, abstract concepts, and amounts from the text.
  • Text Classification: categorizes a text according to predefined taxonomies, which include IPTC and IAB out of the box.
  • Sentiment Analysis: detects the positive/negative/neutral polarity expressed in the text.
  • Lemmatization: extracts a list of the lemmas of the words found in the text.
  • Deep Categorization: in-depth rule-based categorization for maximum accuracy.
  • Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis: detects the polarity associated to the entities and concepts in the text.

These functions are fully available in six languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Catalan. Danish, Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian have partial coverage for Topics Extraction and Text Classification. Arabic, Chinese and Russian have partial coverage for Topics Extraction.

Additionally, MeaningCloud provides the most advanced tools on the market for customizing text analytics according to your domain and obtaining the highest accuracy. MeaningCloud features graphic tools that let you define domain-specific resources easily and with no programming experience necessary.

  • Dictionaries
  • Classification models
  • Sentiment models
  • Deep Categorization Models

In this way, MeaningCloud's users can create and refine their models autonomously and reach maximum accuracy in the analysis.

To use the extension, you need a license key. Create your MeaningCloud account here, enter your license key in RapidMiner's preferences, and enjoy your Free plan with up to 20k monthly requests!.

More information on our website:

Meaningcloud for RapidMiner Product page

Customization Tools product page


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