Webhose.io ExtensionWebhose.io Extension

An extension for structured web data coming from news, blogs, discussion and reviews sites.

Webhose.io is a Data as a Service (DaaS) data provider that delivers on demand access to structured data in both the open, deep and dark webs that anyone can consume.

In addition to crawling and indexing blogs, news articles and online discussions data for customers in the news, media monitoring and market research industries, Webhose collaborates with top national security, Dark Web and law enforcement agencies along with organizations in the financial, health and consumer industries.

Access data in all languages across the globe. Simply enter your API key and a boolean search query to access data from Webhose.io.

Product Details

Version 1.0.0
File size 2.2 MB
Downloads 3065 (3 Today)3065 downloads
Vendor Webhose.io
Category Data Sources and Formats
Released 8/5/19
Last Update 8/5/19 9:51 AM
License AGPL
Product web site https://webhose.io
Rating 5.0 stars(1)