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Parse Name Structure, Extract Gender, Origin from Personal Names.

NamSor Applied Onomastics extension for RapidMiner, includes the following operators:

  • Extract Gender
  • Extract Origin
  • Parse Name


Extract Gender operator infers the gender from international names (male/female), calling NamSor GendRE API. Register for an API Key for faster processing and higher throughput.

Extract Origin operator will guess the likely country of origin of a personal name, based on the sociolinguistics of the name (language, culture).

Parse Name will guess the likely structure of a personal name (firstName-lastName order, or lastName-firstName order) based on language/culture.

Product Details

Version 6.5.12
File size 8.1 MB
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Vendor NamSor Applied Onomastics
Category Operators
Released 8/11/16
Last Update 8/11/16 3:26 PM
License AGPL
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