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The Python scripting extension integrates RapidMiner with the data scientist-friendly and widely used programming language Python and allows to embed Python code into RapidMiner processes.

The Python scripting extension provides an operator “Execute Python” that allows to seamlessly execute Python code within a RapidMiner process. Data made available as input to the operator will be transferred to Python, the specified Python code will be executed, and any outputs specified in the Python script will be again made available in RapidMiner. Any Python object can be returned, stored within RapidMiner repositories and made available for later use by another “Execute Python” operator.

Product Details

Version 10.1.2
File size 3.9 MB
Downloads 174914 (54 Today)174914 downloads
Vendor RapidMiner
Category Operators
Released 7/18/24
Last Update 7/18/24 9:12 AM
License RM_EULA
Product web site
Rating 3.0 stars(2)


Which python version is required? Is it independent as long as the submitted script works with the installed python version? Where do I have to provide the path to the python installation on the server?

Julian Gimbel, 12/8/16 9:07 AM

How do we output an example set using this module? There is no code in the documentation explaining how this can be done.

yulunwu1, 7/1/15 9:42 PM
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