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The R scripting extension integrates RapidMiner with the well-known statistical language R and allows to embed R scripts into RapidMiner processes. Requires Studio 6.4 or newer!

The R scripting extension provides an operator “Execute R” that allows to execute an R script as part of a RapidMiner process. Data can be seamlessly transferred to R and R code can be used for data manipulation, model building and charting. Any specified output will be returned to RapidMiner for further processing within the RapidMiner process. Any R object can be returned, stored within RapidMiner repositories and made available for later use by another “Execute R” operator.

Product Details

Version 9.6.0
File size 100 kB
Downloads 76974 (2 Today)76974 downloads
Vendor RapidMiner
Category Operators
Released 4/1/20
Last Update 4/1/20 2:16 PM
License RM_EULA
Product web site www.rapidminer.com
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hi. how i can use library of R in this Extension?

samfisher593b, 8/16/17 7:43 AM

This feature is great, two awesome tools and communities. But still need some more documentation.

oscaryunue, 9/20/15 1:03 AM
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