Data Search for Data MiningData Search for Data Mining

This extension provides various data search and integration methods for enriching (extending) a data table, using a heterogenous tabular corpus. These include Correspondence Search (Search-Join for single attribute) including human-in-the-loop refinements, Unconstrained and Correlation Search. Some operators of this extension require a Data Search server developed by University of Mannheim, which maintains the public enpoints.

This extension provides data search and integration methods for enriching (extending) a data table. Three different search methods are provided, as explained below:

1) Correspondence-based Search: the operators for this are grouped under Search-Join group and allow to extend a table by searching for a relevant attribute, whose name is given by the user.

2) Unconstrained and Correlation-based Search: these operators are grouped under Fused Search operator group. These opertors can be used to discover and fuse multiple attributes, according to relevance and correlation respectively.

3) Enrich Table by Data Fusion: Unlike the above two categories, this operator works independently of the Data Search server and can be used locally to discover relevant attributes from a tabular corpus - within RapidMiner Studio. It provides an alternative algorithm for Unconstrained and Correlation-based Search which is highly configurable.

4) Data Table Search: this group provides a Google Table Search operator, which uses keywords to find webpages that contain matching data tables.

5) Repository Management: this group contains operators for creating repositories and uploading data on an on-premise instance of Data search server.

You can setup your own instance of Data Search server (developed by University of Mannheinm) if you like. Please contact RapidMiner or University of Mannheim (Web and Data Science group) for more information.

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