Linked Open Data ExtensionLinked Open Data Extension

Extension to use data from Linked Open Data in RapidMiner, both as input to the data mining process as well as for adding background knowledge to existing problem.

The RapidMiner Linked Open Data Extension is an extension to the open source data mining software RapidMiner. It allows using data from Linked Open Data both as an input for data mining as well as for enriching existing datasets with background knowledge. The RapidMiner Linked Open Data Extension is based on the earlier FeGeLOD framework (which is discontinued now).

Possible usages include:

  • Importing data from a Linked Data source, such as Eurostat, into RapidMiner, and analyze it using RapidMiner operators.
  • Adding data about population, GDP, and literacy from Eurostat to a data set of countries
  • Adding data about universities and companies to a data set of cities
  • Adding data about turnover and number of employees to a data set of companies

Unlike many related approaches, the RapidMiner Linked Open Data Extension may work in a completely unsupervised fashion, which means that almost no knowledge about the data source used and about technologies such as RDF and SPARQL is required to use it.

Users of the extension are invited to join the Google group!forum/rmlod, or contact the group via

Product Details

Version 1.5.12
File size 30 MB
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Vendor DWS Mannheim
Category Operators
Released 5/4/15
Last Update 5/4/15 8:05 PM
License AGPL
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I can't install on RapidMiner Studio 7.3

Dasam21, 12/6/16 7:37 PM

Currently this does not seem to be compatible with RapidMiner Studio 7.2, 10/12/16 11:52 AM
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