Custom OperatorsCustom Operators

This extension allows to build new operators out of processes without any coding and bundle them into extensions.

Build new operators out of processes and bundle them into extensions as follows:
Create a process with the operators you want to wrap using as many input and output ports as you want your custom operator to have.
Go to File > Create Custom Operator and specify the appearance of your operator as well as the parameters.
After saving as many custom operators as you want in some new folder, go to Extensions > Create Custom Extension to bundle them into an extension.
Configure your extension and specify the folder containing the saved custom operators.
The finished extension is stored in your .RapidMiner/extensions folder and loaded on restart. Install additionally the Rapid Development extension to (re)load without restart.
You can share your extension with others who also have the Custom Operators Extension installed.

Version 0.9.9:

  • Improved responsiveness for custom operators with big nested processes.
  • Repository files can now be bundled into a custom extension via the Repository folder and be opened with the new Open File from Custom Extensionoperator.
  • Repository folders (formerly IOObject folders) can now have subfolders.

Version 0.9.8:

  • Custom operators are now put into the same subfolders as in the repository and can be reordered inside those via dialog.
  • Custom operator ports now also appear without automatic validation.
  • HTML tags can now be used in the custom operator description.
  • Fixed error when custom operator port delivers no data.
  • Fixed wrong self-reference in some cases of a custom extension created with force dependencies.

Version 0.9.7:

  • Added dialog page to reorder the custom operator parameters and make them optional/mandatory by clicking on them.
  • Added option to define parameter dependencies for custom parameters.
  • Added dialog to specify the order of the operators in the custom extension.
  • Fixed attributes parameter not working as custom parameter anymore.

Version 0.9.6:

  • Added option to hide the defining processes in the Create Custom Extension dialog. Note that since the hidden processes cannot be inspected on error it is recommended to add an error handling using the Handle Exception and Throw Exception operators in the defining process.

Version 0.9.5:

  • Removed the requirement to have a jdk installed on the machine and internet access for building a custom extension.
  • Drastic speedup for creating a custom extension.
  • Added two new operators, Total Custom Progress and Step Custom Progress, to defined the progress of a custom operator.
  • Added two new operators, File Parameter Macro and Directory Parameter Macro, to help create parameters in custom operators with a file chooser looking for a file with a special ending or a directory.
  • The order of the parameters of a new custom operator is now defined by their order in the .cusop xml.
  • The Create Custom Extension dialog now allows to specify an extension icon out of the standard icons.

Version 0.9.4:

This version requires RapidMiner Studio 9.7.

  • Custom Operator definitions (.cusop -files) are now stored in folders in Projects or (non-Legacy) local Repositories. By storing in Projects the versioning can be used also for Custom Operator definitions.
  • RapidMiner objects (IOObjects) like ExampleSets and Models can now be bundled into a custom extension and be retrieved with the new Retrieve from Custom Extensionoperator.
  • New custom extension without the feature from the point above still work with version 0.9.3 and RapidMiner Studio 9.3 to 9.6.
  • Added right-click option to create temporary custom operators to allow a preview without having to build a custom extension. These temporary operators stay around until restart or until they are overwritten by another temporary operator with the same name.
  • Added Reload previousbutton to the Create Custom Extension dialog to reload the last input information.
  • Fixed metadata not working in some cases where the custom operator had no input port or when context macros were used.

Version 0.9.3:

  • Added Attribute Parameter Macro operator which sets a macro to an attribute name that can be selected from a dropdown. 
  • Fixed the metadata for parameters that select attributes: Now the metadata is taken from the custom operator port that is directly connected via first input ports. If no direct connection is possible, the Attribute Parameter Macro operator can be used.
  • Added a Reload from Filebutton to the Create Custom Operator dialog that allows to reload the information from existing .cusop files.
  • Added the option to define which custom parameters should be optional via checkboxes in the Create Custom Operator dialog.
  • Fixed the automatic (re)loading not working with the Rapid Development extension for certain custom extension versions.

Version 0.9.2:

  • Added integration with the Rapid Development extension to load custom extensions on the fly 
  • Minor improvements to Create Custom Extension dialog

Version 0.9.1:

  • Added the possibility to bundle additional jars into the extension.
  • Added two operators which help to create parameters of custom operators: Boolean Parameter Macro and Categories Parameter Macro.
  • Added the option force dependencies to store the extensions used in the defining processes as required dependencies. This allows to automatically install the extension dependencies when installing a custom extension from the marketplace. This is not recommended when distributing the jar file since it prevents loading the custom extension if not all dependencies are there.

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