Rosette Text ToolkitRosette Text Toolkit

Deepen your data insight with Rosette Text Analytics for RapidMiner Studio by Basis Technology.

With the Rosette extension for RapidMiner Studio, quickly and comprehensively process documents, social media posts, emails, name lists, and other unstructured text in over 55 Asian, European, and Middle Eastern languages. Amplify your insight and better understand your audience without leaving the RapidMiner platform.

Leveraging Basis Technology’s twenty-plus years of industry experience, Rosette offers:

Entity, Sentiment, and Topic Analysis

Entity Extraction… locate people, places, organizations, and 15 other entity types

Entity Linking… connect the entities in your text across documents and into the real world

Categorization… classify documents based on the IAB QAG taxonomy

Sentiment Analysis… measure response feedback — positive, negative, or neutral

Base Linguistics

Morphological Analysis… perform linguistic tagging, lemmatization, decompounding, and Han readings

Tokenization… segment words into their component parts

Sentence Tagging… disambiguate sentences in noisy text

Names Processing

Name Translation… comprehensive, accurate multilingual name translation

Name Matching…  fuzzy, cross-lingual name matching and resolution

Rosette uses natural language processing (NLP)  statistical analysis, and machine learning to power advanced text analysis and names processing.


Signing Up

In order to use the Rosette RapidMiner extension, you’ll need an API key.

Sign up for your free Rosette API account today

Make up to 10,000 calls a month for free!

Once you have your key, you can enter it as a Rosette Connection in RapidMiner Studio.


Additional Information

Learn more about Rosette for RapidMiner on our website.

Get up and running with our quick-start guide.

If you need help, you can contact support here.

The Rosette Text Toolkit is also available as an on-premise solution. Get in touch with us for more information.

Are you a student, professor, or researcher and looking for more calls? We can help! Email us for for more information about our academic program. 

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