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The Text Extension adds all operators necessary for statistical text analysis. You can load texts from many different data sources, transform them by a huge set of different filtering techniques, and finally analyze your text data.

The Text Extensions supports several text formats including plain text, HTML, or PDF as well as other data sources. It provides standard filters for tokenization, stemming, stopword filtering, or n-gram generation to provide everything necessary for preparing and analyzing texts.

Product Details

Version 7.5.0
File size 20 MB
Downloads 300949 (220 Today)300949 downloads
Vendor RapidMiner
Category Domain specific operators
Released 5/17/17
Last Update 5/17/17 8:35 AM
License RM_EULA
Product web site http://rapidminer.com/
Rating 4.0 stars(2)


Hello, is there any Java API Documentation for this plugin? We are searching to write own stemmer and it would be so very helpful. If you could please help me or instruct me where to find it?

premma, 3/15/17 10:45 AM

very useful

softrixsolutions, 8/9/15 7:29 AM
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