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The Web Mining Extension provides access to internet sources like web pages, RSS feeds, and web services. It is also capable of handling and transforming content from web pages.

The Web Extension provides access to various internet sources like web pages, RSS feeds, and web services. Besides operators for accessing those data sources, the extension also provides specific operators for handling and transforming the content of web pages to prepare it for further processing.

In order to further process the Web pages accessed through this extension, the Text Mining Extension needs to be installed seperately.

Product Details

Version 9.7.2
File size 43 MB
Downloads 304482 (149 Today)304482 downloads
Vendor RapidMiner
Category Domain specific operators
Released 11/21/22
Last Update 11/21/22 10:33 AM
License RM_EULA
Product web site http://rapidminer.com
Rating 4.0 stars(1)


Me as well. Keep getting incompatible extension errors after manually attempting to install in RM extensions directory. Known issues?

drjs1956@gmail.com, 4/21/18 8:56 PM

This extension isn't working for me unfortunatly... It's the only one that is outdated and i have to ignore it upon rapidminer startup. Anyone knows when this extension will be updated or anyone knows a fix for this?

Steveb, 4/19/17 3:07 PM
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