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About this vendor

Aptus Data Labs is a state-of-the-art Big data and Advanced Analytics company, providing consulting and project delivery services & solutions, catering to enterprises of all sizes, across different industries such as Healthcare, Retail & Consumer Industries, Insurance & Manufacturing. Founded under the credo ‘Big Decisions Assured,’ we offer advanced analytics platforms that help businesses make quick cogent data-driven decisions, essentially required to sustain and grow in tandem with evolving industry trends.

Products by this vendor:

Facebook Extension
An extension for fetching pages and content related to them from Facebook.

Holt-Winters Filtering
This is a time series forecasting Operator. It computes Holt-Winters Filtering of a given time series. Unknown parameters are determined by minimizing the squared prediction error.

This extension is the BETA release of Optimization Operators developed by Aptus Data Labs, India.

RestAPI Services
This extension is an implementation of REST service requests in form of GET, POST, PATCH, PUT and DELETE operators currently released in BETA by Aptus Data Labs, India.

String Matching
This operator does approximate string matching for the each string present in the example set with the text present in document.