Category: Data Sources and Formats

Connectors to new data sources, including parsers, generators, and converters for new file formats.

Freemarker operator
Freemarker Extension can apply a freemarker template on the Rapidminer's exampleset.

HDF 5 Extension
This extension brings HDF5 files to RapidMiner.

Hive Connector
The Hive Connector Extension provides an operator to pull data from Apache Hive.

Mozenda Connector
The Mozenda Connector provides a connector to the Mozenda API.

NoSQL Connectors
The NoSQL Connectors Extension provides operators to connect to both MongoDB and Cassandra.

PMML Extension
The PMML Extension adds a new operator for writing models into the PMML standard. PMML is the leading standard for statistical and data mining models and supported by over 20 vendors and organizations.

Qlik Connector
The Qlik Connector provides a connector to the Business Intelligence and Self-Service Data Visualization software products from Qlik.

SAS Connector
The SAS connector provides an operator for reading SAS files.

This toolkit facilitates to learn from Semantic Web data i.e. RDF within RapidMiner. It transforms RDF triples to an example set and then any kind of learning can be applied on this data.

Solr Connector
The Solr Connector provides a connector to Apache Solr, an open-source enterprise full-text search platform allowing to index data and query indexes to retrieve data again.

Splunk Connector
The Splunk Connector provides a connector to the Splunk platform for Operational Intelligence, a platform to collect, search and analyze machine-generated data.

Tableau Table Writer
Export your data to Tableau.