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MCMD (M-Command) is a set of open source commands developed to process large scale data structures (CSV data) efficiently. The commands can process more than 20 million records of CSV data on a regular PC. This operator runs in a UNIX environment (Linux / MacOS). To use this operator, firstly you need to install MCMD from NYSOL website below: http://www.nysol.jp/en/home This extension was developed by KSK Analytics, Inc.

Product Details

Version 1.0.0
File size 90 kB
Downloads 3243 (2 Today)3243 downloads
Vendor KSK Analytics, Inc.
Category Data Sources and Formats
Released 4/19/18
Last Update 4/19/18 8:11 AM
License AGPL
Product web site http://www.nysol.biz
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