CAE ConnectorsCAE Connectors

This extension allows the user to read CAE files. It uses Altair compose and python in the backend. You have to have an installation of both to be able to use this extension.

This first release has been tested for h3d, rtf, rth, op2, odb, res, and hwascii files. In the backend, it uses Altair Compose and Python to allow for the extraction of a specific datatype from a subcase.

To get this running, you will need the following:

  • Altair Compose installed and licensed. The extension was built using v2023 so this is recommended.
  • Python (specifically conda) installed on your machine, and an environment available with pandas installed. The default setup expects an environment called rm_caeconnector so it would be best practice to follow this naming convention.
  • AI Studio 10.3.001 or later

Make sure you have the following additional extensions installed beforehand:

  • Python Scripting >= 10.0.1
  • Custom Operators >= 1.1.2
  • Operator Toolbox >= 2.17.0
  • Text Processing >= 10.0.0

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Released 2/14/24
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