Jackhammer ExtensionJackhammer Extension

A collection of very useful operators for professionals using RapidMiner in complex, high volume scenarios, especially industrial applications.

The Jackhammer extension by Old World Computing features various advanced versions of already existing operators adding functionality that may be missing in more complex scenarios.

The advanced loops and process control operators allow to more easily deploy RapidMiner processes into production.

The operators have been developed for industrial applications and have proven very valuable in many projects.

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Product Details

Version 2.6.8
File size 15 MB
Downloads 16982 (2 Today)16982 downloads
Vendor Old World Computing
Category Operators
Released 12/6/21
Last Update 12/6/21 8:04 AM
License Vendor License
Product web site https://oldworldcomputing.com/en/jackhammer-extension/
Rating 5.0 stars(4)