HDF 5 ExtensionHDF 5 Extension

This extension brings HDF5 files to RapidMiner.

This extension adds a read and write operator for HDF5 files. The reader transforms the data sets from an HDF5 file to RapidMiner example sets, making use of the random access possibilites of the HDF format. Not all formats can be mapped to RapidMiner, thus those are not supported and will not be visible in RapidMiner (although they still exist in the file). The write operator transforms RapidMiner example sets to HDF5 compound data sets and writes them to a specified file.

Formats not supported are:

  • Compound (tables in tables)
  • No Class
  • Opaque
  • Reference
  • Bitfield


HDF is a widely used big data format developed by The HDF Group.

For more information on this extension and OS specific versions, visit the website. The extension does support linux, solaris and mac OS (both 64 bit), as well as windows in 32 and 64 bit versions.

Product Details

Version 5.5.7
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Vendor AI Group - TU Dortmund
Category Data Sources and Formats
Released 6/11/19
Last Update 6/11/19 1:33 PM
License AGPL
Product web site http://www-ai.cs.uni-dortmund.de/auto?self=$e4h306ozk0
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