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The Qlik Connector provides a connector to the Business Intelligence and Self-Service Data Visualization software products from Qlik.

The connector provides an operator that can write QVX (QlikView Data eXchange) files that can be directly consumed by QlikView and Qlik Sense without the need to translate or transform data to different formats.

Product Details

Version 7.2.0
File size 35 kB
Downloads 6903 (1 Today)6903 downloads
Vendor RapidMiner
Category Data Sources and Formats
Released 7/29/16
Last Update 7/29/16 11:13 AM
License RM_EULA
Product web site www.rapidminer.com
Rating 0.0 stars(0)


will we be able to purchase this connector if we are using versions previous to 6.2 ?

jeganathan.velu, 12/18/14 8:01 AM

Is this connector available for RM 5.3 ?

jeganathan.velu, 12/18/14 5:50 AM
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