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Products by this vendor:

Advanced Reporting Extension
This extension adds operators to insert data from RapidMiner processes into pre-formatted and desigend excel sheets. Any formatting, charts, etc will be preserved and updated to show the new data.

InDatabase Extension
This extension facilitates database tasks with RapidMiner: Build database queries using the extension's 14 query-building operators or write your own SQL code. Further features include transaction safety and autogenerated IDs.

Jackhammer Extension
A collection of very useful operators for professionals using RapidMiner in complex, high volume scenarios, especially industrial applications.

Statistics Extension
The extension contains the set of most frequently used methods from the field of descriptive statistics for complementing the advanced analytics methods in RapidMiner with a set of more commonly known methods. It adds distribution tests, survival curves and descriptive methods in a way, that everything can be seamlessly integrated with any RapidMiner process, including Web Apps and Reports with the Advanced Reporting Extension.

Web Automation Extension
This extension adds functionality to efficiently connect to RESTful webservices and parse any given JSON string into one or more flat tables. The JSON can be part of a data table as attribute, a file or given as macro. The REST operators also can directly parse returned JSON and support managed rate limits.

WebAppBuilder Extension
This extension enables you to easily deploy results as modern, responsive and interactive web apps defined and driven by a RapidMiner processes