About this vendor

RapidMiner provides software, solutions, and services in the fields of predictive analytics, data mining, and text mining. The company concentrates on automatic intelligent analyses on a large-scale base, i.e. for large amounts of structured data like database systems and unstructured data like texts. The open-source data mining specialist RapidMiner enables other companies to use leading-edge technologies for data mining and business intelligence. The discovery and leverage of unused business intelligence from existing data enables better informed decisions and allows for process optimization.

Products by this vendor:

Hive Connector
The Hive Connector Extension provides an operator to pull data from Apache Hive.

In-Database Processing
Visually define data prep or ETL workflows and execute them directly in the database. Reduce data transfer by loading only the data you need after preparation.

IoT Connector
IoT Connector Extension provides the Altair IoT Studio connection type to allow users to retrieve information for their IoT setup through the provided operators.

Mozenda Connector
The Mozenda Connector provides a connector to the Mozenda API.

NoSQL Connectors
The NoSQL Connectors Extension provides operators to connect to both MongoDB and Cassandra.

PMML Extension
The PMML Extension adds a new operator for writing models into the PMML standard. PMML is a standard for statistical and data mining models and supported by many vendors and organizations.

Process Scheduling
The Process Scheduling Extension can be used to initiate the (scheduled) execution of processes on RapidAnalytics from within another process.

Python Scripting
The Python scripting extension integrates RapidMiner with the data scientist-friendly and widely used programming language Python and allows to embed Python code into RapidMiner processes.

Qlik Connector
The Qlik Connector provides a connector to the Business Intelligence and Self-Service Data Visualization software products from Qlik.

R Scripting
The R scripting extension integrates RapidMiner with the well-known statistical language R and allows to embed R scripts into RapidMiner processes. Requires Studio 6.4 or newer!

RapidMiner 5 is the last generation open-source standalone data-mining solution. Note that this version cannot be upgraded to the current generation which is listed as RapidMiner Studio 6.

RapidMiner Enterprise Edition
RapidMiner is the open-source data-mining solution used by all Extensions hosted on the Marketplace.

RapidMiner Radoop
RapidMiner Radoop is a code-free environment for designing advanced analytic processes that push computations down to your Hadoop cluster. You need a specific license to use this product.

RapidMiner Studio
RapidMiner Studio - The current generation #1 Agile Platform for Today’s Modern Analysts.

SAS Connector
The SAS connector provides an operator for reading SAS files.

SMB Connector
This extension allows you to connect to and work with Windows SMB and Linux Samba shares. It includes the connection and operators to read, write, delete, and loop over files.

Solr Connector
The Solr Connector provides a connector to Apache Solr, an open-source enterprise full-text search platform allowing to index data and query indexes to retrieve data again.

Splunk Connector
The Splunk Connector provides a connector to the Splunk platform for Operational Intelligence, a platform to collect, search and analyze machine-generated data.

Tableau Table Writer
Export your data to Tableau.

Text Processing
The Text Extension adds all operators necessary for statistical text analysis and Natural Language Processing (NLP). You can load texts from many different data sources, transform them by a huge set of different filtering techniques, and finally analyze your text data.

Web Mining
The Web Mining Extension provides access to internet sources like web pages, RSS feeds, and web services. This can be achieved in various ways, including via operators natively supporting REST-API access (GET, PUT, POST, PATCH, DELETE). It is also capable of handling and transforming content from web pages.

Weka Extension
All modeling methods and attribute evaluation methods from the Weka machine learning library are available within RapidMiner. After installing this extension you will get access to about 100 additional modelling schemes including additional decision trees, rule learners and regression estimators.