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Experimental extensions built by RapidMiner, which are not covered by our Customer Support Policy.

Products by this vendor:

Admin Tools
This extension provides administration related operators.

Altair Compose
The Altair Compose extension integrates AI studio for ML/AI enthusiasts to perform a wide variety of math operations including linear algebra and matrix manipulations, statistics, differential equations, signal processing, control systems, polynomial fitting, optimization and perform engineering calculations on first principles with pre- and post-process data to import and manipulate data for physical testing and CAE.

Altair Monarch
AI Studio extension for Altair Monarch

Animated Plots
Do you want to plot datasets to HTML5 chart png images and create a GIF from these images? Check this extension with two operators for just the tasks described. Simply use your Studio chart config to create beautiful animated plots.

Audio Processing

AWS Services

CAE Connectors
This extension allows the user to read CAE files. It uses Altair compose and python in the backend. You have to have an installation of both to be able to use this extension.

Communications Extension
This extension provides operators to send messages to common messaging services. Currently covering: * Microsoft Teams * Text Messages (SMS)

Community Extension
With this RapidMiner Extension you can connect to and share your RapidMiner processes with data miners around the world.

Converters Extension
This extension contains a number of operators designed for converting different IOObjects into other useful representations.

This extension provides a simple mechanism to extract part-of-speech and named-entity-recognition tags from text.

Custom Operators
This extension allows to build new operators out of processes without any coding and bundle them into extensions.

Data Search for Data Mining
This extension provides various data search and integration methods for enriching (extending) a data table, using a heterogenous tabular corpus. These include Correspondence Search (Search-Join for single attribute) including human-in-the-loop refinements, Unconstrained and Correlation Search. Some operators of this extension require a Data Search server developed by University of Mannheim, which maintains the public enpoints.

Data Search for Data Mining Extension
This extension provides operators for data enrichment and extraction.

Data Structure
This extension is part of the ISGAT project. It provides the functionality to create Data Schema and adapt user data to the Data Schema.

Data Watermarking
The Data Watermarking extension contains operators to add a watermark to data and validate a watermark to ensure data integrity.

Deep Learning
This extension provides Deep Learning capabilities for execution on CPU and GPU.

Digital Signal Processing
An extension providing the ability to do Digital Signal Processing.

DM Assistant
The DM Assistant helps you to design processes by recommending operators that well fit with the operators already contained in the current process.

This extension provides two new operators, Foreacast (Univariate) and Forecast (Multivariate) which allow simple but powerful forecasting of time series.

This extension provides two new operators, Foreacast (Univariate) and Forecast (Multivariate) which allow simple but powerful forecasting of time series.

Generative AI
This extension offers two operators to access OpenAI's APIs for generating text and images.

Generative Models
The Generative Models extension (aka Generative AI) offers access to large language models (LLM) from Huggingface and OpenAI as well as finetuning of those models. It also offers embedding operators and vector stores and therefore support Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG).

This extension contains an operator that allows you to use the Google Cloud Speech API to convert audio files to text.

This extension implements the HypGraphs modeling and analysis approach proposed by Atzmueller et al. (2016). It calculates the evidence score that a hypothesis transition matrix is similar to a given data matrix. For interference calculation the HypTrails algorithm (Singer et al. 2015) is used, by the implementation of Florian Lemmerich (

Image Handling
This extension provides operators to work on image data. Capabilities provided include: extracting text from images, performing transformations and loading as ExampleSets or Tensor objects e.g. required for Deep Learning.

Image Processing
Extension for standard image processing and analytics including object detection and text extraction (OCR).

Intelligent Discovery Assistant
The Intelligent Discovery Assistant fully automatically creates data mining processes based on the specification of input data and a goal.

This extension gives you additional operators from the space of interpretation and explainable AI. At the moment it covers LIME, SHAP and Shapely. Note that this is an alpha version.

Kafka Connector
This extension contains operators to interact with the Apache Kafka message broker. It adds two operators to interact with a specific Kafka topic: - Read messages from a topic, either old messages in a batch, or collect new published messages - Write data from an example set as new messages into a topic on a Kafka cluster

Keras Extension
The Keras extension allows to use Keras, a high-level Python library for Deep Learning leveraging Tensorflow, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK) or Theano as computation backends.


Model Management
The Model Management extension provides operators to keep track of various different models and their predictive performances.

ND4J Back End
This extension provides various computational back ends, that can be used for numerical calculations. It includes settings for out-of-JVM memory usage, and provides simple tensor handling capabilities as currently needed by the Deep Learning and Image handling Extentions.

OPC-UA Connector
OPC-UA Connector Extension: This extensions provides a connection object and operators to read data from an OPC-UA server.

Operator Toolbox
This extension couples some useful additional operators together.

Parallel Processing Extension
Note: This extension is no longer supported as of RapidMiner Studio 7.2! The Parallel Processing Extension adds new versions of some RapidMiner operators to your data mining system which will perform their tasks in parallel. With this extension you can easily improve the execution speed of many analysis processes by performing sub-processes and sub-tasks in parallel on a multi-core machine.

Parquet Extension
This extension contains an operator, that enables simple parquet file reading.

PDF Table Extraction
This extension provides a convenient way to extract data tables from a PDF document and converts them to RapidMiner exampleset(s). The PDF document can be loaded from a local path or a remote (URL) location.

Prescriptive Analytics
This extension offers an operator to do prescriptive optimization. This means you vary the values of an example to optimize a custom fitness function which may derive from a model. Currently supported optimizers: - Grid - Evolutionary - BYOBA <br/> Note: This is a BETA version!

Process Testing
The Process Testing extension streamlines testing RapidMiner processes for RapidMiner users and extension developers.

This extension adds project templates to your rapidminer. Right Click on a repository folder and use "Create Project" to use the templates. ChangeLog 0.2.0 === * Adding MLOps Templates 0.1.2 ==== Projects extension is now compatible with 9.X, not just 9.2+.

R Extension
Note: This extension is no longer supported as of RapidMiner Studio 6.4! Please use the 'R Scripting' extension instead. Arbitrary R models and scripts can now be directly integrated into the RapidMiner analysis processes. The new R perspective offers the known R console together with the great plotting facilities of R.

Reporting Extension
This extension adds new operators to RapidMiner which can be used to generate reports consisting of tables and visualizations generated by RapidMiner.

Repository Subset Selector
If your Repository panel is exploding, try this extension!

Sensor Link
This extension provides connectors for the OSIsoft PI System.

Series Extension
This extension provides operators for processing time series and includes a variety of preprocessing steps as well as various methods for extracting features from value series.

This extension enables user to apply Shapelet analysis on their time series data. For more information see X. Renard, M. Rifqi, G. Fricout, M. Detyniecki : EAST representation: fast discovery of discriminant temporal patterns from time series, ECML/PKDD Workshop on Advanced Analytics and Learning on Temporal Data, Riva Del Garda, Italy (2016)

SharePoint Connector
This extension contains operators, that enable access to Microsoft SharePoint Sites. It includes reading files and folders, writing and deleting files, as well as looping over files on a folder.

Operators from sklearn ( wrapped as python based operators.

This extension wraps functionality from the Smile library ( and provides them as operators.

Spreadsheet Table Extraction
This extension provides operators to extract data tables from online spreadsheet applications and convert them to RapidMiner exampleset(s). Currently, it provides two operators to retrieve data tables from Google Spreadsheets, which uses Google Sheets API and Microsoft Excel Online, which uses Microsoft Graph API.

Statistical Process Control

The extension adds Operators to design and deploy streaming analytic process on Flink or Spark. This is a beta version. Please use it carefully, as features are still under development.

Time Series
Since version 9.0.0 this extension is automatically included in RapidMiner Studio and Server. Therefore installing this extension now longer required or recommended. The extension adds Operators to perform Time Series analysis. This includes transformations, forecasting, feature extraction, windowing and more.

Web Table Extraction
This extension provides a convenient way to extract data tables from HTML webpages and converts them to RapidMiner exampleset(s). The HTML document can be loaded from a local path or a remote (URL) location.

Word2Vec is a popular algorithm based on: Efficient Estimation of Word Representations in Vector Space, Mikolov et. al (2013). Training on a single corpus the algorithm will generate one multidimensional vector for each word. These vectors are known to have symantic meanings. A commonly used distance measure is cosine similarity. This implementation is based on the word2vec port available at:

Wordnet Extension
The WordNet Extension provides operators to utilize a WordNet database for stemming and detection of related words (synonyms, hypernyms, hyponyms, etc.)

XGBoost Extension
This extension embeds the XGBoost eXtreme Gradient Boosting library for use in RapidMiner. It implements a single operator named XGBoost compatible with RapidMiner's builtin learners.